ElyaCoin is the native cryptocurrency of ElyaTel. ElyaTel is a provider of telecommunication services, including international roaming and IT solutions. The key distinct feature of our services that sets us apart from other telecommunication service providers is the entire (complete) anonymity of users, this is why our services became the primary choice when security and confidentiality of information is crucial.
The core of our idea is to provide anonymous Elya SIM cards that can be paid with anonymous ElyaCoins.

Problems and Challenges

Despite the telecommunication services are widely used in our everyday life, still the users and especially frequent travelers may face number of problems, especially using prepaid SIM cards services:

– Most of telecommunication operators do not accept payment for their services in cryptocurrencies.

– As a prepaid SIM card user, once you top up your account, you can use it only for services connected to your telecommunication provider.

– If you have funds on your prepaid SIM card you are not able to transfer them to your other SIM card in case you run out of funds on your other number.

– Suppose you want to terminate your prepaid service, you will not be able to claim or get your funds back.

– Any unused balance on your prepaid SIM card considered to be lost after few months the card is not in use.


– Unlike most of telecommunication operators our system provides a unique feature, any SIM card holder is capable to top up the card in a local currency, cryptocurrency and send it to the balance of other mobile phone.

Other benefits:

– We are trading since 2009, registered trademark since 2010, currently operating in 120 countries, providing GSM 900 / 3G / 4G global roaming and served over 500,000 customers worldwide.

– Our SIM cards allow users to transfer funds abroad just like any financial service providers as Western Union, Money Gram etc., but paying 0 commission fee and avoiding any hidden charges whatsoever. Thus, we are able to offer commission free alternative for anyone willing to transfer funds abroad. We are promoting our service and expanding our business even further in order to benefit as many customers as possible.

– Users can credit balance with Elya and let the credit there as long as they decide to.

– Credit can be converted your into fiat again, by being sent back to a credit card .

– The possibility to manually switch from one to another network provider worldwide, so the best coverage ever is provided.

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ElyaCoin is already listed on Digital Currency Exchanges being traded on stocks.exchange and Altex with forthcoming listings on CryptoBridge (June 2018), currenexchange (July 2018), and coinexchange.

ElyaCoin can be used to buy a SIM card and top up balance in order to use GSM 900/3G/4G global roaming in 120 countries.

ElyaCoin can be bought directly with a credit card Visa/Mastercard through Elya website https://elyatel.com

ELYA coins can be stored on a simcard balance and sent to another phone.

ELYA can be transformed on top up codes in order to be sent to family abroad.

ELYA can be mined with the rigs because we implement cnv7.

Maximum supply is 1b.

ELYA phone number is UK number with a global roaming, it cannot be spied on and completely anonymous, as well as we do not disclose the ID to anyone and we have no way to know the origin of the ELYA Coins that we receive on the top up wallet.
Thus ELYA coin is 100% anonymous and we collect 0 data on ELYA sim.

There are other awesome figures as well that we do not advertise publicly, but we share privately in PM with customers who already bought their simcards.

Overall ELYA is a 100% anonymous worldwide chain for finance
telecommunication and mining. A mineable coin for anonymous communications.

Payment Methods

ELYA coin, Euro or US Dollars

Future of ELYA Coins:

Our plans are to use ELYA coins for variety of payments such as purchase of goods and services online, including integrating the coin on online casino sites as currency for gambling.

But the major strength of ELYA is ability to implement credit card processing, so ELYA is a popular and convenient way to buy any Cryptocurrencies by processing payments through VISA and MasterCard.

Despite the majority of banks do not accept purchase of Crypto currencies, but no banks can decline VISA and MasterCard payments aimed at purchase of airtime, phone account Top Up or SIM cards purchasing.

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