Back in 2004, ElyaTel’s parent company brought about the disruptive market of resilience that changed the way how people communicated with each other globally. The company paved the way to prepaid, international, free roaming SIM cards that substitutes the cancelled cell phone subscriptions that is now the accepted norm.

Now ElyaTel is disrupting the market once again, in the form of blockchain technology, called ELYA Coin.

2017, September

Testing the levels of privacy of leading cryptocurrency algorithms, and selecting CryptoNight as the core.

2018, March

Released ELYA Coin Wallet V1.2.1

2018, March 22

Listing on Stocks.exchange.

2018, May 10

Implemented credit card processing on ELYATEL.com – users are able to buy ELYA with credit card. It will become a popular and convenient way to buy Cryptocurrencies by processing payments through VISA and MasterCard.

2018, May 31

Released ELYA Coin wallet 1.2.3 and added ASIC resistance.

2018, June 1st

ElyaPool.com goes live.

2018, June

Listing on new exchanges. Newly created elya.io becomes a website for ELYA Coin excusively, while Elyatel.com is dedicated to the ElyaTel SIM card. Additional local distributors of ElyaTel SIM in 10 new Cities.

2018, July

Partnership with CurrenExchange online wallet – CurrenExchange will support ElyaCoin trading pairs. Trading pairs will be ELYA/ETH and ELYA/BTC.

2018, November

Elya Coin can be bought with Euros or swapped for other coins at bitcoin-meister.de without the need to be registered at an exchange.

February 2019

Release of ELYA GUI wallets for Mac, Linux and Windows.

March 22nd, 2019

ELYA becomes a POS coin.

April 2019

New ELYA website released – https://elya.io/