New to cryptorcurrencies

Here are the basics youi should know

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a digital ledger that keeps transactions that are made in bitcoin and are recorded chronologically and publicly.

Is cryptocurrency the same as stocks?

No, the stock market are companies you invest in. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. They should be treated as a currencies, but not fiat currency.

What is fiat currency?

Fiat currency is a legal tender that was made and backed by that country’s government.

What is a paper wallet?

It is what you think it is. It is a printed out piece of paper that has a specified amount of cryptocurrency on it.

When buying a (crypto) coin, do you have to buy a whole one?

No, you can buy a ½, a ¼, a 1/10, all the way to the hundredth millionth place, etc.

What is Elya cryptocurrency

Elya benefits

What is Elya

ElyaCoin is a native cryptocurrency of ElyaTel

What is Elyatel

Elyatel is a provider of telecommunication services, including international roaming and IT solutions, trading since 2009, registered trademark since 2010, currently operating in 120 countries, providing GSM 900 / 3G / 4G global roaming

What makes Elya and Elyatel special

The key distinctive feature of Elyatel is the entire (complete) anonymity of users. But if you pay in a fiat currency, you’re not completely anonymous, because money transfer is tracked by the banking system.

But ElyaCoins ARE anonymous.

The core of our idea is to provide anonymous Elya SIM cards that can be paid with anonymous ElyaCoins.

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Where can I buy ELya coins

You can buy Elya on the following exchange platforms

Where to mine is where you must go

Where are the sources