What is a blockchain?
Blockchain technology was originally developed for bitcoin; however, it is the base of other cryptocurrencies, and can be used for any other kind of data recording. The blocks in a blockchain might contain information about identity, dates, or most anything.

Information in the blockchain is broadcast to and recorded by every node in the network. There is no one central database.

Is cryptocurrency the same as stocks?
No, the stock market are companies you invest in. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. They should be treated as a currencies, but not fiat currency.

What is fiat currency?
Fiat currency is a legal tender that was made and backed by that country’s government.

What is a crypto wallet?
There are 3 types of wallets.

  • A paper wallet is printed out piece of paper that has a specified amount of crypto currency on it.
  • A software wallet is a mobile or computer application used to store your crypto coins
  • A hardware wallet is a piece of electronics that stores your crypto coins

Which types of crypto wallets does Elya provide?
All three types of wallets listed above. They can be downloaded HERE.

What is the Elya crypto currency?
Elya coin is a native cryptocurrency of ElyaTel. It is used to top-up the Elyatel SIM card and for other type of payments.

You can also earn more Elya coins by keeping Elya coins in your wallet and earning a kind of interest reward on your stake. See guide for staking here:

What is Elyatel?
Elyatel is a provider of telecommunication services, including international roaming and IT solutions, trading since 2009, registered trademark since 2010, currently operating in 120 countries, providing GSM 900 / 3G / 4G global roaming

Where is the synergy between Elya coin and Elyatel?
The key distinctive feature of Elyatel is the entire (complete) anonymity of users. If you top-up your Elyatel mobile using Elya coins you are as anonymous as possible since the Elyatel chip is not linked to your person nor are the Elya Coin transactions traceable back to you.

Note: If you pay the top-up in a fiat currency, you’re not completely anonymous, because money transfers are tracked by the banking system.

Our core proposal is to provide anonymous Elyatel SIM cards that can be paid with anonymous Elya coins to give you a MAXIMUM ANONYMITY.

How can I get a Elyatel SIM card for my phone?
You can order it HERE

How can I buy Elya coins?
You can purchase Elya coins on crypto exchanges. The current exchanges trading Elya coin are:

The Elya coin ticker is ELYA.

What is the ELYA Foundation ?
When you use Elyatel and Elya coin you also support the ELYA Foundation. It is a non-governmental organization, founded under European law and based in a neutral country. ELYA has dedicated itself to philanthropic goals. As of January 2019, ELYA has signed major philanthropic partnerships in order to improve daily life of people in multiple countries.

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