ELYA Foundation

ELYA Foundation is a non-governmental organization, founded under European law and based in a neutral country.

(DAO structure cannot be currently implemented because of being affected by computer security issues, thus cannot be used for safe governance until further adaptation of ELYA to secured encrypted decentralized governance such as Tezos. Partnership is currently discussed directly with board member of Tezos for future applications).

ELYA has dedicated itself to philanthropic goals. As of January 2019, ELYA has signed major philanthropic partnerships in order to improve daily life of people in multiple countries. These philanthropic partnerships are based on the four elements :


1 ELYA = 1 liter of drinkable water : partnership with SunWaterLife’s mobile purification system. Using RFID smart card charged with ELYA will allow people to receive 1 liter of drinkable water for 1 ELYA in remote areas of Asia and Africa.


Airtime MVNO with Global Roaming Sim Card Provider (operating since 2009). ELYA allows top up for GSM 900 and international 3G/4G data. The SIM card can also be used as a cold storage for the ELYA.


Partnership with the Foundation “Man in Nature” : ELYA will be used by all the inhabitants of natural reserve of VOHIMANA (Madagascar), fighting against the deforestation of the valuable trees of the primary forest.


Economists and commodity experts have created a workshop in order to peg the price of the ELYA sovereign currency to the price of natural resources, precious metals and precious stones instead of the fiat currencies.


Off the grid nano solar plant that will allow individual users and small businesses to go totally off the grid with ElyaTel and ELYA coin, paying for energy and communications in ELYA Coin.


ELYA is accepted in the 77 bio vegetarian restaurants and salad bars worldwide in 50 countries.