Most of team members know each other since childhood and/or family and/or 20 years being best friends.

Programmer has 25 years of experience that CEO knows since 20 years, who has developed successful mining application and perfect wallets.

We are community driven and strongly linked to our community. We listen to the community, we follow the advice of the community and we accept and reward any initiative coming from the community.

As an example, the asic resistance cnv7 was implemented by one of the developers of karbo in person himself being a member of the community.

Ubuntu Linux wallet was added by a member of the community.

Community is taking more and more role in the development of the Coin and the applications: several members of the community are becoming distributors of the ELYA sim in their hometown.

We welcome and we are open to any suggestions and we reward the contribution of our community to the success of our project.

The Team

CEO David NATAF Telegram @elyacoin
CBO “COOLBITS” Telegram @coolbits
Blockchain advisor Elie BOUDARA
Marketing : Patrick LANCIER
Product Advisor : Pierre-Albert BENLOLO

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For any information or suggestion, please contact