What is ELYA?

ELYA is the native cryptocurrency of ElyaTel, a provider of telecommunications services, including international roaming and IT solutions. The key distinctive feature of our services from other telecommunications providers is the total anonymity of our users. This is why our services are the preferred choice when security and confidentiality of information is crucial. The core of our idea is to provide anonymous ElyaTel SIM cards that can be paid with anonymous ELYA Coins.

ELYA Foundation

ELYA has dedicated itself to philanthropic goals. As of January 2019, ELYA has signed major philathropic partnerships in order to improve the daily lives of people worldwide.

Mobile freedom

ELYA Coins are used for charging your global roaming GSM 900 SIM cards and international 3G/4G data in more than 100 countries.

Hardware SIM Wallet

ElyaTel SIM cards are also hardware wallets, so you can store your Elya Coins safely, and always have them with you.

Proof of Stake

ELYA Coin is a 100% Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency that is environmentally friendly, thanks to its minimum energy consumption.


ELYA Coin leverages the anonymity and privacy features of ElyaTel's SIM card, through advanced encryption technologies.


Elya Coin’s total supply is 2.2 billion, of which 333 million ELYA Coins has been allocated to the ELYA Foundation Fund (for philanthropic purposes) and approximately 700 million ELYA Coins swapped from POW to POS. With the growing number of mobile users worldwide, data access problems in the least serviceable areas, and the increasing uncertainties of global economic growth, ELYA Coin can offer a secure harbour to its holders. This allows the usage of a number of options to safely keep their coins, and to transfer the coins with minimum commission, all the while using the coins as a means of payment for various services.

Elya is the currency of freedom and resilience

ELYA coin statistics


01. February 2019

Release of ELYA GUI wallets for Mac, Linux and Windows.

02. March 22 2019

ELYA becomes POS coin

03. April 2019

New ELYA website release https://elya.io/

04. April 2019

Release of Android Mobile wallet

05. April 2019

Implementation of credit card processing on elya.io : buying ELYA with credit card will soon become a popular and convenient way to buy Cryptocurrencies by processing payments through VISA and MasterCard

06. May 2019

ELYA augmented connectivity mobile wallet

07. June 2019

ELYA online staking pool with fixed rate

08. July 2019

Release of gold collateral of ELYA Coin

09. October 2019

Mobile Application that will allow to top up ElyaTel SIM card from ELYA mobile wallet app.

10. January 2020

beginning of ELYA Masternode Rewards

11. February 2020

Listing on MasterNodes.online and MasterNodes.pro

12. April 2020

ELYA branded Visa and Mastercards available with SMS verification sent to the ElyaTel sim card.


Buy ELYA sim and Air time

Air time


ELYA team

Our team consists of various multi-skilled specialists from different industries, representing multiple countries.


Founder and CEO of Elya Coin

Gemologist, Lawyer, Cyber security specialist. Author of several books, consultant for the European Parliament as an expert in computer security (SSI) and electromagnetic signals intelligence (SIGINT).
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Operations Manager

Background: Lawyer, Arbitration of international conflicts, mobile telecommunications.
Diplomas : PhD Geology
LLM Civil Law

A Denn

A Denn

Sales & Marketing

Background: Capital Raising, Financial Services and Sales & Marketing.
Diplomas in Business, Financial Services/Planning and Mortgage Lending.



Russian Community manager

Very advanced technician with 12 years of experience at the Knauf Gips Donbass plant. Passionate crypto enthusiast, miner and trader. The energy of ELYA team.

Yayan Nuryanto

Yayan Nuryanto

Indonesian community manager

Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing Science from Binus University, Indonesia. Experienced being an augmented reality developer, risk analyst at a finance company and now runs a business in the food and beverage sector.



Point-of-sale integration

Ms in Computer Science, Entrepreneur, CTO and IT research roles. Past 3 years on the crypto planet. Fluent in 5 languages. Passion for travel. Visited 50+ countries.



Elya community Pool&Explorer owner

Developer, System Design and Engineer, Network Engineer.



Web Developer

Bachelor’s Degree in IT. Full Stack Developer .NET C# JQuery CSS HTML5 REST.
Crypto enthusiast. Elya fan.




34 years old. Master degree in Applied Physics and Electronics 11 years experience in IT: system administration, programming, quality assurance. Does some Data Science hobby projects with Python. Got interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology 2 years ago.

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